Asset Protection

Security guards can protect valuable assets such as equipment, merchandise, and vehicles from theft, vandalism, or other damage.


Alarm Response

Security guards can respond to alarms and investigate security threats, taking steps to resolve and report any incidents to authorities.


Security Center

The hub, where security personnel monitors surveillance cameras, receive alerts, and coordinate responses to security threats.


You can protect your organizations by our services

House keeping service

Services for individuals or valuable assets to ensure safe transport and protection.

Access Control

Manage access to restricted areas, monitor entrances and exits, check visitor's identity.

Loss prevention

Many strategies are used as part of an overall security management plan wisely.


Monitor security cameras, alarms, and others to detect and respond to security threats.

Emergency response

Trained to respond quickly in an emergency, such as fire, medical emergency, or security breach.

Crowd control

Manage crowds at events and venues to prevent disturbances or violent behavior.


Patrolling premises on foot / by vehicle to prevent unauthorized access & other security breaches.

Office boys

Providing services, such as assisting visitors with directions, answering queries etc.

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